A Selection of Publications

The Parent and Child Handbook

The Parent and Child Group Handbook

“This unique and much needed book gives a convincing argument for the value of these groups, for both parent and child. Both inspiring and immensely practical, it offers the group leader the insight and means to create a truly meaningful and appropriate experience within a parent and child group setting.” 

Lynne Oldfield, Director
London Waldorf Early Childhood Training Course

The Physical Development Needs of Young Children book

The Physical Developmental Needs of Young Children

My chapter in this book is called Natural Physical Development in the First Year – learning from the Pikler approach. I describe my support groups for parents and babies which I have been running over the last 11 years and the obstactles to free movement progression. 

Creating Connections book

Creating Connections

This is a book about the very unique contribution to parent support provided by Steiner parent and child groups. My chapter is about Gentle Beginnings – my support groups for parents with babies up to 18 months based on Rudolf Steiner’s understanding of the young child and the Pikler approach


Steiner Approach – Hidden Gem
Nursery World 19 August 2019

All about Pikler 
Nursery World 6-19 March 2017

Respectful mealtimes
EYE Vol 16 No 9  January 2015

Respect, care and wisdom
EYE Vol 16 No 6 October 2014

Nurturing Trust 
Teach Nursery Issue 4.7

Childcare for the 21st Century